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why are bonsai trees so exspensive

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive?

Are you a lover of nature? Would you wish to spruce up your yards and gardens with trees? Well, we are pleased to announce to you that you have arrived at just about the right place. We do engage in the sales and distribution of the Bonsai trees.

These are miniature trees that are typically planted in containers and shipped for transplanting elsewhere. Though an increasingly popular practice, these trees are expensive and have hence kept many aspiring arborists off. But just why are the Bonsai trees expensive?

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive?

This is a question we cannot answer in one swoop. We have to examine the circumstances and factors that inform the actual costs of the Bonsai trees to appreciate why. These we showcase on the discussions that fall hereunder. They all aim at letting you appreciate these trees better.

Bonsai trees take a long time to grow!

Generally speaking, the Bonsai trees take a longer duration of time to grow. Most estimates place this at around 10-15 years. The exact length of time, however, depends on a large part, the various conditions under which the trees are forced to grow. Some conditions may, in fact, hasten the process of growth.

Warm and humid regions have specifically been noted to offer better growing conditions. Thus, the Bonsai trees that are grown under these conditions will normally take shorter to mature. The opposite, of course, is applicable. Those grown in extremely cooler regions will normally tend to
take longer.

Bonsai Tree Training Takes A Long Time

As trees grow, they have to be trained. Training simply infers pruning or configuring the trees in shape to see to it that they achieve a given style or appearance. As is the case with the growth of the trees, training them also takes a longer duration of time.

Such trees are not as responsive as those of the ordinary strains. The main reason underlying this is the fact that the roots take longer to solidify and strengthen. Remember, it may never be really easy to trim and train them with weaker roots as that may pose some damages later on.

In many cases, the trees will take roughly 3 years to attain the strength and maturity they need to be strong enough to endure the trims and the pruning. Contrast this with under one year for the normal trees. The longer duration of time definitely brings about added operational expenses on your part.

Shipping Live Bonsai Trees Is Difficult

Also contributing to the higher operational expenses is the comparatively higher cost of shipping the live Bonsai trees. The extra expense mainly comes about as the result of the extremely delicate nature of these trees. They are in fact easily susceptible to the risks of damages while in transit.

If they have to be shipped, they tend to cost a lot more as the courier or shipping company has to pay extra attention to the seedlings while in transit. You the buyer will definitely have to care for this extra expense in the form of the inflated cost of purchase.

Cost Of Naturally Collected Bonsai

Like with many other tree species, Bonsai too, is abundantly available in nature. Even then, they still cost a lot more than the other tree species. The exact cost varies from region to region. This notwithstanding, you should prepare to part with no less than $20 to lay your hands on a naturally-collected Bonsai tree.

Cost Of Nursery Grown Bonsai

These trees yet again may be grown in the nursery. The actual also varies significantly from nursery to nursery as the amount of money spent to grow them similarly varies from region to region. As such, there is no unifying price for which you may obtain the trees. All factors considered though, the trees, when sourced from the nurseries, do cost roughly $50-$100.


As you may observe from the foregoing explanations, the Bonsai trees are understandably expensive. There is absolutely no way the actual prices can come any lower, not unless there is a severe shift in the dynamics that determine the costs of planting and handling.

You should not despair though. We are here to help you out. Our company exists to furnish these trees to tree-enthusiasts around the world. Given that we understand the harsh economic realities, we are always keen to negotiate prices with you. Feel free to speak to us soonest!

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