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How To Care For a Juniper Bonsai Tree

How To Care For Juniper Bonsai Tree

One of the most popular bonsai trees is the Juniper bonsai. These coniferous shrubs have over 50 species in its family. The looks of these trees are pretty diverse, with foliage ranging from lighter greens to dark blue greens, and needle- or scale-like foliage. Usually junipers will start off with needle-like foliage and grow scale-like […]

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Can Juniper Bonsai Be Kept Indoors?

Juniper trees have about 70 species in its family. They are beautiful trees with foliage colors ranging from light greens to dark bluish greens. They either have scale-like or needle-like foliage.  These very popular trees aren’t low maintenance, but they aren’t difficult to care for. Part of caring for bonsai trees is knowing whether they […]