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why are bonsai trees so exspensive

Why Are Bonsai Trees So Expensive?

Are you a lover of nature? Would you wish to spruce up your yards and gardens with trees? Well, we are pleased to announce to you that you have arrived at just about the right place. We do engage in the sales and distribution of the Bonsai trees. These are miniature trees that are typically […]

beautiful bonsai

Repotting Your Bonsai

Bonsai trees are potted in small containers in order to limit its nutrients. While this is crucial in growing a bonsai, after a few years, your tree will start to become pot-bound. Pot-bound basically means that your tree’s roots have grown and are taking up space that the nutrients in the soil used to. Without […]

how fast do bonsai trees grow

How Fast Do Bonsai Trees Grow?

Whether you are interested in overseeing the growth of a new bonsai tree right from its seed form, or from one that is already grown, then you will have to be conversant with the growth period of the bonsai tree. Normally, a period of between 10-15 years is sufficient for the growth of a bonsai […]

can bonsai trees live indoors

Can Bonsai Trees Live Inside

When you think of a bonsai tree, you may be thinking of a tree that is outside. While this is common, there are bonsai trees that can grow perfectly well indoors. These trees are tropical or subtropical trees. They can only survive outdoors in certain high temperature climates, which makes them suitable for the conditions […]

where are bonsai from

Where Are Bonsai Trees From

For a long time, the art of bonsai has been associated with Japan. However, the art was originally from China. It then spread gradually to the East, towards Korea and Japan. It is believed that the bonsai art was spread by monks from the Buddhism religion. They were trying to bring the ‘outside environment’ inside […]

How Hard Is It To Grow A Bonsai Tree?

When you are new to the world of horticulture, you are probably amazed at just how fascinating this pastime can be. There are so many different varieties of plants and trees that it could take several lifetimes just to get through it all. One particularly fascinating example would be the Bonsai Tree. First of all, […]

Your First Bonsai Tree: A Few Things To Consider

Starting your first bonsai tree is the first step of a satisfying process for a beginning grower.The amount of effort you can put into growing your bonsai, whether you will grow it inside oroutdoors, and the maturity of your first tree are three important things you will want toconsider as you plan to cultivate your […]

How Do Bonsai Trees Stay Small

Whereas this is usually a somewhat tricky question to ask, it without a doubt has an answer. What I know is that bonsai trees are generally small because we want them to be small-sized. When I trap the bonsai tree root in a pot, it means it will have a stunted growth hence making it […]

Do Bonsai Trees Need Light

DO BONSAI TREES NEED LIGHT? Absolutely! This is how you take care of your bonsai tree and ensure that it gets the right amount of light. Sunlight is essential for the growth of any given plant. The light, especially the ultraviolet rays, will positively affect the growth of a plant. This definitely means that a […]