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how to display bonsai outdoors

How to Display Bonsai Outdoor

Bonsai are beautiful. There are meant to be seen. There are two stages to working with bonsai. The first is in the cultivation; the second is learning the art of displaying your bonsai outdoors. Having said this, the art of displaying your bonsai doesn’t have to be complex. But, there are some issues to be considered. In this article we will touch base on these issues, as well as looking at some of the best ways to display your outdoor bonsai.

Indoor and Outdoor Bonsai

As we said above, there are a few things you need to learn about Bonsai before you can get started. One of these is that you should never display an indoor bonsai outside. There is in fact a common misconception
that all Bonsai should be kept outside. What you need to distinguish here are outdoor and indoor bonsai.

Outside bonsai need to be exposed to all the four seasons like all your trees and plants. The only type of plant or indeed bonsai that will survive inside is a tropical or subtropical one.

Displaying your Bonsai: A Fine and Delicate Art

When displaying a bonsai, your plant should always be the critical element of your display. It should be the primary focus. This many seem obvious, but it is important to note. So, colorful ceramic plant pots are not the best way to display your miniature trees; all the emphasis should be on your bonsai and not on anything else surrounding it.

The three basics of displaying your Bonsai are a pot, a space, and the furniture piece it will stand on. Once you get more confident with your displays, you can then go on to add companion objects too; these include scrolls, smaller and less dominant floral plants, and mountain stones. The relative placement of each of these objects is extremely important; an asymmetrical triangle that creates a natural scene is very popular.

Basics Of Displaying Your Bonsai Outdoors

To display bonsai correctly, there are some basics you must remember. One of the most important of these is to display your bonsai somewhere where they will get a lot of natural light. This may seem obvious, but it is far more important than with other plants and trees in your garden. This is why you will find bonsai displayed on shelves and raised platforms, and never right down on the ground.

Choosing your Bonsai Stand

Your bonsai display could incorporate tables, shelves, or raised platforms, or a combination of all of them. The best level to view bonsai is at eye level, average size tables generally being too low. Floor stands and table stands are ideal for the purpose, the color of pot you choose being in harmony with the plant. This will ensure that all focus in on the bonsai and not on the pot.

Where To Place Bonsai Displays Outdoors

The area you use for your display should provide a natural frame, preferably it should have three sides. The background for your display should be as neutral as possible; this is to ensure that the focal point of your display is your bonsai or bonsai. A neutral colored background is the perfect and most obvious choice. If you are going to incorporate companion objects, ensure that you choose ones that will enhance but that won’t take over your display. For example, if you are going to display smaller plants alongside your bonsai, choose a plant or small statue that you would find naturally alongside a bonsai.

Importance Of Display Tables and Shelves

The table or shelf that you display your bonsai on is no less important than the stones, pots, or drip trays you use. They are essential, as they protect the ground or flooring underneath. They also complete the “whole look” of your bonsai display. Each and every shelf or table adds a sense of formality to your bonsai garden. The tables and shelves you use also add a meditative
aspect to your arrangements. The very best tables to choose for your display are hand carved tables. Carved by Chinese artisans, these tables are carved by people who truly understand the origins of the bonsai. Staining the finished tables allows them to be protected from water and moisture, adding life and a rich shine to your display. Choose carefully the shape and size of your tables, complementing your living Zen art display, but at no point detracting the viewer from the natural beauty of the scenes you create.

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