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Everything You Need To Know About Bonsai Trees

Origin and Meaning of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are of Japanese origin and are rooted deep in the Japanese culture. The art involved in crafting bonsai trees is an old tradition among the Japanese people. The term bonsai simply means “Planting on a low pot.” Although tending to and gardening bonsai trees originated from Japan, it has now spread like wildfire and is highly practiced in other parts of the world, such as China and Vietnam.

The Art of Cultivating Bonsai Trees 

Bonsai tree growing is a big task, including both the art involved in it and commitment and discipline as well. Each gardener has to work hard in tending their specific bonsai trees. It becomes more than just work for the gardeners; it becomes part of their lives that they look forward to. Each time a gardener perfectly performs the art of shaping and training the bonsai trees, a tinge of pride and satisfaction runs deep through their bodies and souls. This not only applies to the gardeners, but also to any other human that finds themselves surrounded by properly grown bonsai trees. Bonsai trees give life meaning. They help us appreciate life and all it has to offer. We get to respect and take care of our environment and appreciate beauty as well.

The Sacred Symbolism of Bonsai and Other Trees

Trees are among the many living things present in the world. Almost every aspect of our lives relies heavily on trees for continuity. Therefore, every person should view a tree as a living and essential thing and treat it with care. For a long time, different cultures and religions have associated trees with sacredness. The Egyptians, for example, valued their trees as they considered them to carry religious significance. Some religions held prayers under the trees due to the solitude and peace they provided. Some trees are known to live for decades, longer than our grandparents managed to. Such trees have seen, heard, and sensed a lot of things during their lifetimes compared to what any human being has experienced. 

The Primary Purpose of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees offer a peaceful and calm atmosphere any time someone sees them. It makes one peaceful, hopeful, and full of positivity. Bonsai trees may never speak, but they pass a message of hope, harmony, and other positive feelings that no word can ever be fit to describe.

Taking Time to Understand Bonsai Deeply

Every time you think of cultivating bonsai trees, picture a piece of art and what it does to your heart. With such a thought, you will quickly understand how hard a task it is to care for a bonsai tree and why it is such a valued tree. The bonsai tree is like a hidden treasure: no one knows its value, except for those looking for it. The time spent creating the masterpiece that is a bonsai tree is time used to instill virtues and useful life skills in those participating in bonsai. Nurturing and taking care of a bonsai tree demands more than a skill or a hobby; it requires virtues that give an individual a chance to grow, understand life, and live a harmonious life.

Japanese Philosophy in the Art of Bonsai

budo and bonsai

It is a common human habit to rush from one thing to the next quickly. This trait has resulted in many people missing opportunities and failing to see the beauty of various things in life. Fortunately, the Japanese people do not fall in this category; they take their time to observe things and have an eye for detail. These two qualities are a reason the art of bonsai trees is now known and practised far and wide throughout the world.

The Buddha Presence in the Cultivation of Bonsai Trees

The Buddha believed that what you think, you become. Bonsai trees bring meaning to our existence as they dig deep into our conscience and awaken it. An awakened conscience knows no fear or judgment but only knows of the wholeness that exists in connecting with nature.

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