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juniper bonsai

Juniper Bonsai Sun Requirements

Juniper bonsai is by far the most popular evergreen miniature tree in the United States. This is because the tree features one of the most beautiful designs. Juniper bonsai includes more than 50 different species, with Needle juniper and Chinese juniper bonsai trees being some of the most popular. In addition to their popularity, taking […]

How To Take Care Of Pine Trees Indoors

One of the most popular bonsai trees is pine. Many people prefer using pine trees as bonsai since they are coniferous and evergreen. The great thing about pine is that you get to shape them however you want. However, before we start discussing how to take care of pine bonsai indoors, you need to understand […]

How to Bonsai an Oak Sapling

Oak trees are not the most popular bonsai species. Although oak trees are abundant in Japan, these majestic trees have not yet gained popularity. This is mainly due to the broad leaves that are not suitable when it comes to the art of miniature tree cultivation. However, if you are thinking of creating a bonsai […]

Easiest Bonsai Tree To Care For

Bonsai care includes meeting specific needs that common plants do not have. For example, did you know that most bonsai trees are bred to be outdoor plants like their full-size counterparts? If you bring bonsai in the sun indoors, be prepared to give it about 14 hours a day of fluorescent light. However, some bonsai […]

Bald Cypress Bonsai Pruning

Bald Cypress trees tend to grow in wet and swampy soils along riverbanks and flood plains in the wild. Some specimens of bald cypress have been reported to be as old as 1000 years. Despite the fact that these trees love an ample supply of water, they can still grow as far north as southern […]

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Dropping Leaves

Beginners in bonsai cultivation usually start with the Ficus plant species, since they are resistant to many issues. Since this is a naturally sturdy plant variety, most growers get concerned when Ficus trees start dropping leaves. However, the good news is that there are steps you can take to revive Ficus Ginseng bonsai dropping leaves. […]

Fukien Tea Problems

The Fukien tea bonsai (Ehretia Microphylla, Carmona Microphylla) is an evergreen shrub that is commonly used for indoor or tropical bonsai. The tree is often available at bonsai nurseries, discount stores, and many other online sources. The plant originates from Southern China and is named after the Fujian province. It is excellently suited for the […]

Best Soil Mix For Fukien Tea Bonsai

The Fukien tea bonsai is one of the most challenging tree varieties to sculpt. This tree presents many unique characteristics that can turn into a nightmare for beginners in bonsai cultivation. Although you need to put a lot of effort in cultivation, pruning, and maintenance, the end result is usually graceful and beautiful. One of […]

How to Care For Jack Pine Bonsai

Jack pine is among the best tree varieties for fantastic bonsai art. It is a hardy tree that is suitable for both bonsai professionals and beginners. Many people prefer using Jack pine for bonsai cultivation due to its resilience. This tree can survive in adverse conditions, such as rocky and sandy soils. When left in […]

How to Care For African Boxwood Bonsai

Boxwood is a very hardy evergreen plant that proliferates well. It is popularly known due to its significant characteristics, thus making an excellent tree to be used as bonsai. The boxwood species includes over 70 varieties of trees. Japanese boxwood (Buxus Microphylla) and common boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens) are the most common boxwood species. Boxwood can […]