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Chokkan Bald Cypress

What Is The Chokkan Bonsai Style?

It is also known as the formal upright style. It usually occurs in nature. That is when the tree is left exposed to a lot of light and has no problem competing with other trees. Tapering of the upright trunk that is growing must be made visible. Hence, the trunk should be thick at the […]

Bonsai History

The bonsai tradition that we know and love is in no way a new concept. Bonsai has been around for thousands of years, being refined and perfected into the art we know today. Although it has become increasingly popular in the Western world, bonsai started out in China then made its way to Japan around […]

Everything You Need To Know About Bonsai Trees

Origin and Meaning of Bonsai Trees Bonsai trees are of Japanese origin and are rooted deep in the Japanese culture. The art involved in crafting bonsai trees is an old tradition among the Japanese people. The term bonsai simply means “Planting on a low pot.” Although tending to and gardening bonsai trees originated from Japan, […]

Why Do My Bonsai Keep Dying?

Bonsai trees can be quite challenging to care for, even for experienced gardeners. Being miniature trees, bonsai are prone to all kinds of problems. Many beginners tend to ask why their bonsai trees keep dying. Bonsai trees need some special attention due to their delicate nature. As a beginner, start by familiarizing yourself with different […]

How Long Do Bonsai Trees Live For?

Most people have asked this question, since bonsai trees are not easy to look after. Some bonsai trees live for 100 years. Furthermore, the oldest bonsai tree is over 1000 years old! Your tree can only leave this long if you provide continuous maintenance and care. These trees live longer compared to similar species in […]

Bonsai Tree Brown Leaves

Over the years, bonsai cultivation has become quite popular, with more beginners venturing into the art every day. Although these miniature trees make excellent indoor decorations, they can be quite challenging to care for. Bonsai trees need the same nutrients and environmental factors as larger trees. Without proper care, bonsai leaves start to turn brown […]

How Hard Are Bonsai Trees To Take Care Of?

Taking care of a bonsai tree seems like a lot of work. However, this is not entirely true once you understand the basic guidelines. Bonsai cultivation is a rewarding art form that simply requires you to master a few basics. How hard are bonsai trees to take care of? This is quite a common question […]

How Big Can a Bonsai Tree Get?

Bonsai growing is an art form that incorporates both ancient tradition and beauty. According to several bonsai enthusiasts, the real art of bonsai is in its shape. When you are a beginner in bonsai cultivation, you are probably fascinated by the size and shape of these trees. However, it takes a lot of discipline and […]

Easiest Bonsai Tree To Care For

Bonsai care includes meeting specific needs that common plants do not have. For example, did you know that most bonsai trees are bred to be outdoor plants like their full-size counterparts? If you bring bonsai in the sun indoors, be prepared to give it about 14 hours a day of fluorescent light. However, some bonsai […]

How Long Do Bonsai Trees Take To Grow?

One of the things that you have to consider before starting bonsai cultivation is time. You need to understand how much time you will be investing in this new hobby. The understanding of time when it comes to bonsai tree cultivation will also help you determine what to expect. In this article, we will be […]