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juniper bonsai

How Often Do I Water My Juniper Bonsai?

Juniper trees are one of the most popular trees used for making bonsai. It is a small, evergreen tree with luscious greens.  Like any plant, the most important part about owning a juniper Bonsai is watering it. How often your juniper bonsai requires watering depends on several factors, such as: Size of the pot Size of the […]

fukinagashi style bonsai

What Is The Fukinagashi Bonsai Style?

Also known as the windswept style, the fukinagashi is commonly regarded as a variation slant style capable of reflecting the powerful influences of the frequently blowing winds from one of the sides; thus, they mostly have one-sided growth of the branches. It is an example of a tree that must endure lots of struggles to […]

How To Protect Bonsai In Winter

Bonsai growers should know how to manage bonsai during winter. Proper bonsai care is an unquestionable requirement in order to help your bonsai thrive. With that in mind, you should remember that the winter is the time for your tree to rest. In this post, you’ll get familiar with how to protect your bonsai during […]

How to Revive Bonsai Tree with Leaves Falling Off

Bonsai tree cultivation is, undoubtedly, one of the most profound pleasures that you could engage in at home. However, it is not always a bed of roses, and you will encounter challenges before becoming a professional. Taking care of your bonsai tree will involve a considerable learning curve, especially when it is your first time. […]

How to Thicken Bonsai Branches

Bonsai trees are ornamental and artificially dwarfed types of trees. Usually, they are grown and propagated in a pot or a container. When cultivating these trees, many gardeners face one challenge: weak and narrow branches. The process of thickening bonsai tree branches entails sacrificing some branches. It depends on the part of the branch you […]

Stratification of Bonsai Seeds

While some seeds sprout immediately in suitable conditions, other species may take quite a process to grow. Most seed species require careful preparation and storage right before they are set to germinate. Stratification and scarification are two common preparative steps before growing most of the bonsai seeds. Stratification refers to subjecting seeds to cold temperatures […]

Cotoneaster Bonsai Leaves Turning Brown

Proper care is vital in bonsai tree cultivation because it ensures healthy and beautiful growth. When your Cotoneaster bonsai leaves start turning brown, then you must be doing something wrong. Brown leaves are a clear indication that your Cotoneaster bonsai is having a hard time. Your bonsai tree needs immediate attention whenever you notice the […]

Why Do My Bonsai Keep Dying?

Bonsai trees can be quite challenging to care for, even for experienced gardeners. Being miniature trees, bonsai are prone to all kinds of problems. Many beginners tend to ask why their bonsai trees keep dying. Bonsai trees need some special attention due to their delicate nature. As a beginner, start by familiarizing yourself with different […]

How to Plant Bonsai Lemon Tree

Sometimes, you might want to cultivate a bonsai tree with a pleasant aroma and glossy leaves. In such circumstances, your best option would be the lemon tree. It is a citrus tree that can be transformed into bonsai quite easily. Many bonsai cultivators prefer the lemon tree for its beautiful spring flowers and dark green […]

How To Take Care Of Pine Trees Indoors

One of the most popular bonsai trees is pine. Many people prefer using pine trees as bonsai since they are coniferous and evergreen. The great thing about pine is that you get to shape them however you want. However, before we start discussing how to take care of pine bonsai indoors, you need to understand […]