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juniper bonsai

How Often Do I Water My Juniper Bonsai?

Juniper trees are one of the most popular trees used for making bonsai. It is a small, evergreen tree with luscious greens.  Like any plant, the most important part about owning a juniper Bonsai is watering it. How often your juniper bonsai requires watering depends on several factors, such as: Size of the pot Size of the […]

Chokkan Bald Cypress

What Is The Chokkan Bonsai Style?

It is also known as the formal upright style. It usually occurs in nature. That is when the tree is left exposed to a lot of light and has no problem competing with other trees. Tapering of the upright trunk that is growing must be made visible. Hence, the trunk should be thick at the […]

fukinagashi style bonsai

What Is The Fukinagashi Bonsai Style?

Also known as the windswept style, the fukinagashi is commonly regarded as a variation slant style capable of reflecting the powerful influences of the frequently blowing winds from one of the sides; thus, they mostly have one-sided growth of the branches. It is an example of a tree that must endure lots of struggles to […]

old ficus

Bonsai Trees: How Long Do They Live?

Every living thing both plants and animals have a life cycle and a life expectancy they are naturally subjected to follow. The Bonsai tree is not an exception to this fact. The bonsai too has its own life duration and cycle. Although, its existence in different species has given rise to varying longevity. Generally, the […]

black olive bonsai

How To Care For A Black Olive Bonsai Tree

One of the best bonsai trees available in today’s market is the Black olive bonsai tree; this is as a result of its lovely flowers, beautiful green leaves as well as dense form. Just like a normal black olive tree, an black olive bonsai tree flowers and produces fruits as well. With this Bonsai tree, […]

how to display bonsai outdoors

How to Display Bonsai Outdoor

Bonsai are beautiful. There are meant to be seen. There are two stages to working with bonsai. The first is in the cultivation; the second is learning the art of displaying your bonsai outdoors. Having said this, the art of displaying your bonsai doesn’t have to be complex. But, there are some issues to be […]

How To Care For a Juniper Bonsai Tree

How To Care For Juniper Bonsai Tree

One of the most popular bonsai trees is the Juniper bonsai. These coniferous shrubs have over 50 species in its family. The looks of these trees are pretty diverse, with foliage ranging from lighter greens to dark blue greens, and needle- or scale-like foliage. Usually junipers will start off with needle-like foliage and grow scale-like […]

Outdoor Bonsai

How To Care For Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Most bonsai trees should be kept outdoors just as regular trees are. They need to be exposed to the seasons and go through dormancy in the winter. Indoor bonsai trees are tropical or subtropical, and can only survive outdoors in certain climates. There are thousands of outdoor bonsai species, but we will just be going […]

what do bonsai trees represent?

What Does A Bonsai Tree Represent?

While the literal definition of a bonsai tree is a tree planted in a shallow container, there is so much more to this art. The bonsai tradition is over a thousand years old. Bonsai, a Japanese art form, transcended from the art of Penjing, a Chinese art form.  The goal of growing a bonsai tree […]

Outdoor Bonsai

Can Bonsai Trees Live Outside?

Bonsai trees are just regular trees housed in a shallow container in order to limit its nutrient and water storage. Because of this, bonsai trees grow best in the climates that their full-sized counterparts grow in. Some trees grow best outdoors, while others grow best indoors. Here we will talk about the trees that grow […]